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The Week in Rap by Flocabulary

Check out to view multiple Tweet streams Templates and PowerPoint presentations. Jen Wagner's great site includes guess the wordle,28804,1918031_1918016_1917981,00.html Time Magazine's Top 50 web sites. Sounds Butler vocabulary Mrs. O's House Similar to wordle, creates pictures from words inserted wordle of the day password is Meg all websites that Meg used on Feb. 19 and Feb 22 with the label emsd63 templates for games (jeopardy, are you smarter than a fifth grader, password, etc.) Math and more for all grade levels
Practice Math and more practice

For Conference Calling/Video Conferencing

Add Your Favorite Web 2.0 Tool

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WolframAlpha--anything you can compute, convert anything, math problems and put nutritional content on labels Web 2.0 survey

Online Research Now you can highlight in two colors. Live Binder Create virtual post it notes.

My Workshop Links to Web 2.0 Tools I Currently Like
(feel free to explore and harvest! I know it needs organization, like many areas of my life!)
Opening Activity
Working with Images The program is called Sqirlz Morph. This was great fun Flickr image collection. Create puzzles with images. Create animated gifs about vocab words. Create tag clouds with Wordle. Create talking tomatoes, flowers and much more. Similar to Image Chef. Amazing Flickr Toys I forgot about! Check the Bubblr archives for my pumpkin carving “how to”. Create a memory game with Flickr images. Create “virtual books” with images from Flickr Online photo editing Online photo editing site. Image generators
Fun with Digital Images This is a link to a wiki with several other digital image sites.
Bubblejoy Create cards or messages
Cameroid Manipulate pictures or images. Comic Life
Add Letters
Image Chef make your own icon - lose the brown square
Space Your Face
My Movie Moment Add an image to a movie or clip.
Jib Jab Create a Jib Jab Create photo mosaics
25 Sites to Create Cartoon Characters of Yourself Play with images!
Comiqs Create your own comics, like comic life
Mushy Gushy Work with your images.
Generate License Plates Generate many different license plates. Create your own comic strips Create your own comics. Yearbook yourself! My Web Face make yourself a cartoon.

Business Books Summaries I Pod Applications for educators.

We Follow
Caveman Twittering
5 Ways to Have Fun with Twitter
Twitter for Teachers
Twittas ? First Twitter Follow
TweetCloudWhat’s Being Said?
FriendorFollowFind out who you are following, who’s following you and more
Twitter Background Creation

Web Cam Fun Bubble Joy Free video calling. put your face in an image Authors that are willing to skype with your class!

ESL Ideas has lots of ideas for ELL and ESL

Working with Words Redefining the dictionary. Spell with Flickr!

Free Computer Clean Up Tools
Spybot Search & Destroy scroll down page to download section and select the first option – install with default options. You must check for updates each time you run the program to be sure you have the newest data files. Run weekly for high internet use.
Malware Bytes install with defaults - update this program also and a simple scan will do you well unless you are having lots of issues.
AVG Free antivirus free antivirus that works well and doesn’t take a lot of your processor to run

Converting File Formats - must be downloaded to computer, but it is free with no per day limit
WinFF – Convert your videos quickly and easily and all at once with this free downloadable program Format Factory Scott's pick for converting!
You Tube Download You Tube downloader. YouTube Downloader in MP4 or FLV
Zamzar Copy the address, the file will be sent to your email to download. A music converter - strip the audio
Mediaconverter Works well, but not consistently.
Listentoyoutube – online, free youtube to mp3 converter design
VLC Media Player – free download, great for playing dvd’s on pc’s with copyright issues. It also has conversion capabilities.Directions on using the convert feature Media Convert free and online, convert and split audio, ringtones, sounds Excellent examples of Photostory as well as fabulous tips on how to put one together!
Keep Vid A very simple web based solution for converting media

Additional Web 2.0 Tools Create and share free online whiteboards. My heritage. Etherpad link Chatzy
Teacher Tube
You Tube
Ning Classroom 2.0
Second Life
Google Alerts
Google Calendar
Google Docs
Google Sketchup
Street View
Google Earth
Google Maps
Google Page Creator
Google Advanced Search
Image Chef
Add Letters
Topsy - search engine powered by tweets

Livescribe Demo (Simple Pythagorean Theorem example)