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Creating a Digital Rich Classroom: Teaching and Learning in a Web 2.0 World (Available September 2010, through Solution Tree)
Digital Storytelling with PowerPoint, 2010 available through Visions Technology
Digital Storytelling with Windows MovieMaker, 2010 available through Visions Technology
Conquering InfoClutter, 2004 Corwin Press

Bloom's Taxonomy Updated
Andrew Churches revised taxonomy

Twitter twitter home Twitter Sheep Twitter for teachers twitter tools for teachers An expert on informal learning, very interesting! Deschooling. Book on informal learning.

Wikis Wikispaces Another wiki on Wikispaces Wikipedia

Cell Phones Poll Everywhere Text the Mob

Social Networking for Bookmarks and Snipits of Information My Delicious book marks 100 Ways to use social media in teh classroom. For all the research I can't remember!

Publish Globally
The Future is Video You Tube School Tube Discovery Streaming
Skype Skype

Podcasting Podcasting

Publishing Authorstream. Slideshare, but have to record the audio seperately. To publish documents.
Differentiating Differentiating resources

Wordle Wordle, create a tag cloud