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Public Relations
An elementary school on Twitter
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Engaging Students
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PollEverywhere Website
SchoolTown safe social networking for classrooms
Edmodo Social networking platform for classrooms
The Khan Academy

Reflector App for projecting
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CCSS Video Series
32 Math Videos created by professors at the Hunt Institute
Overview of the CCSS in Mathematics
Shift One Congruency
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Web 2.0 Tools
Social Networking Linkedin networking. Twitter. Personal learning network 140 characters max. Facebook Ning Edmodo for social networking Social networking about images Social bookmarking Pinterest social networking for everything!
Blooms Taxonomy Slides Blooms taxonomy revised Apps for the iPad Click on apps
Google Tools Google Earth. Google Maps. Google Page Creator. Advanced search in Google. Google Alerts Google Calendar. Google Docs and spreadsheets. Google Sketchup. 3-D warehouse.

Web 2.0 Tools Wordle to create tag clouds. Make a wiki Wikipedia Create a short screencast. Organize everything in a safe learning environment Open source cms Create a Voicethread Create a Glogster A new type of slideshow Create a Dropbox today Evernote

Web Cam and Digital Image Sites Whip up a new image. Use a web cam to create an image Skype Face Time for Mac, iPhones and iPads

Video resources Ustream your own tv channel. Teacher Tube. Video hosting and contests Create and broadcast videos from a cell phone Broadcast your high school events The Khan Academy