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New additions: Guess the Wordle Digital Tools Website Visual Words

Yes I can add that to this wiki


Bloom's Taxonomy's+Digital+taxonomy+v3.01.pdf Wiki filled with many more details. Graphic.

New Learning! 100 Web 2.0 Tools for different types of learners. Wolfram|Alpha is the first step in an ambitious, long-term project to make all systematic knowledge immediately computable by anyone. Skype in schools Social networking to learn a language convert to .wmv U R Welcome Meg Ormiston. like twitter but for schools
Summer Reading List
Tribes Tribes on Amazon Ted talk about Tribes

List of web 2.0 tools
• Skype
• uStream
• Wikinomics
• Podcasting
• Bloglines
• Twitter
• Blogs
• Tags
• Wikipedia
• Image Chef
• Microblogging
• Teacher Tube
• You Tube
• Qik
• Etherpad
• Chatzy
• Facebook
• Ning Classroom 2.0
• delicious
• Linkedin
• Second Life
• Google Alerts
• Google Calendar
• Google Docs
• Google Sketchup
• Google Earth
• Google Maps
• Google Page Creator
• Jing
• School Town
• Plurk Our link to Chatzy You Tube Link For Bloom's
What I learned this week: Over 200,000 free sounds. Interactive time line of Ben Franklin. Space launch on uStream. Plan a trip!

Chat here during the session! Chatzy allows you to set up chats without an account.

Web 2.0 Tools Wordle to create tag clouds.
Speeches in Wordle[[ ]][[ ]]

Wikis Make a wiki Nice wiki tool that we use for professional collaboration Web 2.0.
Twitter Twitter. Personal learning network 140 characters max. Twitter Sheep.
Why Tweet? Jon Orech @jorech

Video resources Skype. Ustream your own tv channel. Teacher Tube.
Social Networking Classroom 2.0. Linkedin networking. Second Life.
Try shelfari for social network site regarding books! You Tube.

Google Tools Google Earth. Google Maps. Google Page Creator. Advanced search in Google. Google Alerts Google Calendar. Google Docs and spreadsheets. Google Sketchup. 3-D warehouse.

Podcasting iTunes store to subscribe to podcasts Audacity for PC editing Garage Band for the Mac iMovie for Mac Windows Movie Maker.

Blogging Examples of School Leadership Blogs: The Principal's Page blog. High School Principal blogging. Interesting posts about school leadership. School leadership blog. Start blogging with Blogmeister. Free blogs for educators. Will Richardson’s blog. Educational podcasting network. Bloglines

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