Using Technology in 21st Century Classrooms

Wordle Digital Tools Etherpad - Online Collaborative Projects Jen Wagner direct link - Holiday Card Exchange Firefox extension - Download helper - MOV file download MAC - WMV file download PC or TOOLS in Firefox and search for the Add on

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Caveman Twittering
5 Ways to Have Fun with Twitter
Twitter for Teachers

Downloading and Converting Online Videos
Zamzar Copy the address, the file will be sent to your email to download. A music converter - strip the audio
Mediaconverter Works well, but not consistently.
Listentoyoutube – online, free youtube to mp3 converter
VLC Media Player – free download, great for playing dvd’s on pc’s with copyright issues. It also has conversion capabilities. Directions on using the convert feature Media Convert free and online, convert and split audio, ringtones, sounds
The Movie Clapper Board Generator
WinFF – Convert your videos quickly and easily and all at once with this free downloadable program Format Factory Scott's pick for converting!
You Tube Download You Tube downloader. Excellent examples of Photostory as well as fabulous tips on how to put one together!
Keep Vid A very simple web based solution for converting media
KICK Youtube - replace the www. with the word kick

Blooms Taxonomy's+Digital+Taxonomy An entire wiki filled with information about the reconstructed Blooms taxonomy.

Skype in the Classroom
Directory of educators that use Skype
A Skype Phonebook of Educators

Fun with Digital Images

Fun with Digital Images This is a link to a wiki with several other digital image sites.
Bubblejoy Create cards or messages
Cameroid Manipulate pictures or images. Comic Life
Add Letters
Image Chef make your own icon - lose the brown square
Space Your Face
My Movie Moment Add an image to a movie or clip.
Jib Jab Create a Jib Jab Create photo mosaics
25 Sites to Create Cartoon Characters of Yourself Play with images!
Comiqs Create your own comics, like comic life
Mushy Gushy Work with your images.
Generate License Plates Generate many different license plates. Create your own comic strips Create your own comics. Yearbook yourself! My Web Face make yourself a cartoon.

Student Response Systems a new site to explore. Polling with cell phones. text the mob.

New Additions: Google Voice, invitation only. Article in the School Library Journal.'s+Digital+Taxonomy An entire wiki filled with information about the reconstructed Blooms taxonomy. Danny's tornado book report. paper Trained Teachers in a Video game World video.